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About the project

 The brand and the Health republic website are an integral part of the project "Croatia - the land of sports", which is primarily aimed at presenting the Republic of Croatia in the world as a sports - tourist destination.

This implies the gradual and systematic opening of new opportunities for more intensive use of sports and accommodation infrastructure of the Republic of Croatia, as well as other available resources for sports of athletes and recreationists of all ages, organization of sports competitions and/or sports or sports-related events, and implementation of other programs that contribute to the promotion of the Republic of Croatia as a sports and tourist destination.

Due to the fact that the feedback from the tourism fairs where the project was presented and has raised high interest in the segment of sports and health tourism, the brand and website Health republic was launched. Its main mission is to bring all relevant information in one place and bring together all current commercial offers in the sports and health tourism field.

This project is led by Uniline d.o.o. which is the leading destination management company in Croatia and the region of Southeast Europe with its partners: the Croatian National Tourist Board and the Croatian Olympic Committee.

Uniline d.o.o.

The company was founded in 1996 and represents today the leading tourism and destination management company in Croatia with headquarters in Pula and branch offices in Rovinj, Rabac, Zagreb, Zadar, Split, Dubrovnik and Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Republic of China (Shanghai), South Korea (Seoul ) and representative offices in Japan and Thailand.
As of February 2010, Uniline is the holder of the Europcar franchise, one of the world’s leading rental car companies, with offices at all Croatian airports and a huge fleet of vehicles of different categories.
In everyday operations it strives to achieve maximum quality in business processes, following world tourism trends and maintaining high customer satisfaction.
Uniline has been awarded as the most successful tourism company in the travel agency and tour operator sector and has Uniline received the award for the best DMC tourist agency.


Source: CNTB

Author: Ivo Pervan

Croatian National Tourist Board

The Croatian National Tourist Board (CNTB) is a national tourist organization founded with the aim of creating and promoting the identity and reputation of Croatian tourism domestically and internationally. CNTB activities include both planning and implementing the promotional strategy, as well as proposing and implementing promotional activities that are of common interest to all entities in tourism, and raising the level of quality of the entire Croatian tourist offer.

The most significant tasks of the CNTB include the organization, implementation, and supervision of all activities related to the branding and promotion of the tourist product of the Republic of Croatia, unification of the overall Croatian tourist offer, implementation of operational market research for the promotion of Croatian tourism, evaluation of the implemented promotional activities and others.

The scope of the CNTB’s work also includes the management of the eVisitor system and other tourist information systems, such as the coordination of activities with all regional and local Tourist Boards, as well as all economic and other entities in tourism that act both directly and indirectly on the improvement and promotion of tourism in Croatia.


Croatian Olympic Comeetee

Croatian Olympic Committee is the non-profit organization and the highest sports association in Croatia. Its mission is to permanently contribute to the promotion of sport as a universal civilizational heritage by spreading the Olympic principles and ethical and moral standards in the sport. The Croatian Olympic Committee has a significant role in the promotion of the Republic of Croatia as a democratic state and maintaining fair relationships among the participants in sport.

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