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Special Hospital for Medical Rehabilitation

Special Hospital For Medical Rehabilitation Naftalan, only thirty kilometers from Zagreb, is unique in its use of medicinal oil, naftalan, which is used in the treatment of skin diseases, especially psoriasis and neurodermatitis, but also in inflammatory processes in the joints, such as rheumatoid and psoriatic arthritis and in rehabilitation after orthopedic surgery and burn healing. In addition to physical therapy, specific and unique treatments such as baths in the tub with naftalan are used in the treatments. Special hospital also provides spa and wellness services.

Naftalan is a mineral oil produced by the distillation of naphthene oil and is known as a natural healing ally in preserving health and preventing diseases. This type of oil is rich in naphthene hydrocarbons, especially steranes, compounds whose structure is similar to steroid hormones and provitamin D.

Thermo mineral water - salty thermal water has multiple positive effects on human health: it improves circulation in the body, the immune state of the organism and contributes to reducing the stress of modern living.

Packages at Special Hospital Naftalan

Natural Soap


Treatment Program




Rehabilitation Program






Naftalan has a capacity of 137 beds, 26 out of which are luxury. All the rooms are high standard to make the stay as comfortable and pleasant as possible. Every floor has a nurses’ room and a consulting room, and the 6th floor has a living room for rest or entertainment.

All the areas are air-conditioned, and modern, comfortable apartments, single and double bed en-suite rooms on the 6th floor are equipped with satellite TV, a telephone, wireless Internet and a refrigerator. 


Treatment programs

Physical medicine and rehabilitation

The doctors at the Department for Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation determine the optimal treatment program for every patient for Inflammatory rheumatic diseases:

psoriatic arthritis

rheumatoid arthritis

anklyosing spondylitis​


Each patient is approached individually. A treatment program is elaborated specifically for each individual. The patients are constantly supervised by a physician and can consult him or her on improving the treatment.




The specialists at the Department of Dermatology follow the global trends in treatment of skin diseases:


atopic dermatitis​


Naftalan Special Hospital is unique in the world for the use of naftalan in the treatment of skin diseases, especially psoriasis. Various therapies are used to treat skin diseases:

naftalan therapy

thermal water baths



magnet therapy

Naftalan therapy is used for skin diseases (psoriasis, neurodermatitis), and diseases of the musculoskeletal system (inflammatory rheumatic diseases: rheumatoid arthritis, psoriatic arthritis, degenerative diseases of hips and spine, non-articular rheumatism).

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