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General terms

By using you agree to be legally mandatory in accordance with these Terms and Conditions, which take effect immediately. Uniline d.o.o. reserves right to change these General Terms and Conditions at any time, therefore we ask you to regularly review these General Terms and Conditions. Continued use of the website after the release of the changes means you agree to be legally bound to the changed Terms and Conditions. Copying, reproducing, publishing, downloading, transmitting, or any other way of using the content from (including text, images, URLs, pricing information, etc.) is strictly forbidden.

The accommodation prices are indicated for each accommodation unit and can be changed without prior notice until the reservation is confirmed. Additional or special services are the services that are not included in the price and the Traveler is obliged to request and/or announce them to the Agency during booking. In case the services are available, the Traveler is required to pay the Agency or on the spot in cash in accordance with the payment instructions specified in the Agency's offer. If the accommodation unit reaches more people than the number indicated on the voucher, the service provider has the right to refuse service to unannounced travelers or accept all travelers at an extra charge for unannounced travelers on the spot.

Hotels, apartments and/or other accommodation units offered on are described according to the official categorization at the time of specified accommodation facility publication. Accommodation, food, comfort and other services are under surveillance by local and national tourist authorities, hence accommodation and service standards are different and cannot be compared. Agency does not take responsibility for any oral or written information that is not in accordance with the description of services and facilities on, valid for stated voyages, which may have been supplied by Agency employees or any other third person. The accommodation arrangement in rooms or apartments is determined locally by the reception desk. If the Traveler had not specifically arranged a room/apartment with certain characteristics, he/she will accept any officially registered and available room/apartment in each individual facility or destination described on The time of arrival and departure from the accommodation unit is stated on the voucher. For later arrivals in accommodation facilities, it is necessary to inform the Agency of such beforehand, no later that one day before voyage departure. The quality of breakfast or other meals in the hotel can vary depending on the destination and customs and the level of quality and service of a particular facility, and the Agency will not take responsibility in any sense for the quality or content of the breakfast, and the Traveler when contracting explicitly states that he is familiar with this fact. The Agency reserves the right to change the hotel, providing a secure hotel in the same or a higher categorization.

Accommodation can be searched and booked on the Agency's website To easily navigate, the departure and return dates, the number of travelers and the required destination should be entered in the search engine. The search can be further extended by specifying the accommodation type (hotel, apartment, etc.) and the facility category. In case the accommodation unit is available, the system will calculate the total price and you will be directed to the payment page. If the price is not indicated by the certain accommodation offer or package, it is necessary to send an inquiry electronically to the e-mail address, after which Agency operators will provide you with a valid offer in the shortest possible time, usually within 24 hours, with highlighted payment terms.
Online payment by credit card: entry and transfer of personal data and credit card number data is protected by the 256-bit encryption SSL protocol.
Currency Conversions
All payments will be effected in Croatian Kuna. The amount your credit card account will be charged for is obtained through the conversion of the price in Euro into Croatian Kuna according to the current exchange rate of the Croatian National Bank at the date of conversion. When charging your credit card, the same amount is converted into your local currency according to the exchange rate of credit card associations. As a result of this conversion, there is a possibility of a slight difference from the original price stated on the Agency web site.
Payment by bank transfer is possible up to 21 days before arrival, if arrival is within 21 days, the payment is possible only by credit card.

For payment in Euro:
Payer: Name and surname of the reservation holder and address of residence
Recipient: Uniline d.o.o., Bože Gumpca 38 Street, 52100 Pula, Croatia
Bank: RAIFFEISEN BANK AUSTRIA d.d., Branch office Pula
Foreign currency account: SWIFT: RZBHHR2X, IBAN HR3024840081500154861
Reference number: enter the offer/reservation number

For payment in Croatian Kuna (only from Croatia):
Payer: Name and surname of the reservation holder and address of residence
Recipient: Uniline d.o.o., Bože Gumpca 38 Street, 52100 Pula, Croatia
Bank: RAIFFEISEN BANK AUSTRIA d.d., Branch office Pula
Giro account: SWIFT: RZBHHR2X, IBAN HR3024840081500154861
Reference number: enter the offer/reservation number

Upon receipt of your payment you will get a voucher as proof of your reservation with indicated:
1. Booked services
2. Amount of services
3. All information about the booked facility (address and phone number)
By the reservation payment, the Traveler confirms that he/she is fully acquainted with all the characteristics and conditions of the accommodation unit. By making the payment, all stated in these General Terms and Conditions becomes a legal obligation for both the Traveler and the Agency.

The Agency is obliged to provide the Traveler with the contracted services and take care of the Traveler's rights and interests in accordance with the tourism practices. Before the travel contract conclusion, the Agency is requested to provide the Traveler with the appropriate promotional material in electronic form, as well as all relevant travel information and General Terms and Conditions which are an integral part of the contract and to provide a package of travel insurance and cancellation insurance. The Agency excludes any liability in the event of a change or failure to perform services caused by force majeure (war, riots, strikes, terrorist actions, sanitary disorders, weather disasters, government intervention, traffic accidents, traffic jams, delays and disturbances of public transport of the city that is visiting), as well as the delays in transportation for which the carrier fails to comply according to the traffic regulations and international conventions. In these cases, the Agency is not obliged to pay the additional costs of the Traveler. If possible, the Agency will offer a substitution solution in such cases. The Agency is not obliged to provide services beyond these Terms and Conditions.

The Traveler is responsible for his/her actions and personal safety and the behavior of his/her travel companions and their safety. The Traveler is also obliged to abide by the rules of conduct in accommodation facilities, as well as in the means of transport, without jeopardizing the rights of other travelers using the Agencies services. In the event that the Traveler causes damage to the service provider in the accommodation facility or means of transportation, he/she is obliged to immediately compensate the injured party for the damage and to cooperate with the services provider and the Agency. Prior to the contract conclusion, the Traveler is obliged to notify the Agency of any special needs or potential health problems and disabilities, so that the Agency may, if possible, provide a special accommodation or service. The Traveler is also required to notify the Agency of any special requirements related to the reserved service that are not included in the journey. Wherever possible, the Agency will attempt to comply with the Traveler's request, however, the Traveler must be aware that such services or special requirements cannot be guaranteed.

If the Traveler wishes to change or cancel the reservation, he/she must submit a request to the e-mail address: The first change of the reservation will be made for free. For any more changes, the Traveler will be charged the expenses of 15 EUR per change. If the change of the reservation is not possible, and the Traveler cancels a confirmed reservation because of it, lower mentioned conditions apply:
The cancellation costs will be calculated from the date on which Agency receives a written request for the cancellation, and it is as follows:
1. Cancellations done 21 day before the quest arrival NO penalty will be charged.
2. Cancellation made between 20-15 before the guest arrival - will be charged for 50% of the total amount
3. Cancellation made between 14-8 before the guest arrival - will be charged for 80% of the total amount
4. Cancellation made between 7-0 days before the guest arrival or NO SHOW - will be charged for 100% of the total amount
5. Cancellation made after departure or NO SHOW - will be charged for 100% of the total amount

If prior to or during the service use the exceptional circumstances occur (the service provider death, bankruptcy, work prohibition, irreparable damage within the facility or around it ...), the Agency is obliged to inform the Traveler in written form and offer the alternative accommodation. The alternative must be of the same, or higher, quality than the one reserved initially. If the Traveler accepts the alternative, and it is more expensive than the initial offer, the Traveler is obligated to pay the difference. If the alternative is cheaper, the Agency will return the difference to the Traveler. If the Traveler refuses to accept a substitute service, or, in the absence of a substitute offer, the Agency will make a full refund of the funds paid to the Traveler. In the case of overbooking the accommodation capacity, the Agency shall provide the Traveler with alternative accommodation, and in case the alternative accommodation is more expensive than the one paid by the Traveler, the Agency shall bear the difference.
The Agency is not responsible for the circumstances beyond the control of the Agency. These are the exceptional circumstances that can not be predicted or avoided (war, terrorist activities, civil disturbances, industrial and social disputes).

The Traveler is obliged to respect customs, foreign exchange, health and other regulations. The Traveler is obliged to take care of his/her belongings and documents and take them with them when leaving each facility. In case of luggage loss at the hotel, the Traveler is required to send a request to the hotel where the luggage was lost. We recommend paying luggage insurance. The Agency is not responsible for damaged or lost luggage in the means of transportation as well as for luggage or valuables theft at the hotel. If Traveler loses his/her travel documents during the stay in the destination or is stolen, the application must be submitted to the hotel or the facility owner and to the local police department. New documents must be provided at the Traveler's own expense. As there are different regulations in each country, we recommend all travelers to inform about the country they are traveling and the conditions to be met for travel to the country before booking. Inadequate travel documents, which could lead to the travel cancellation, do not in any way commit the Agency and the regular travel cancellation conditions apply.

In accordance with the Law on Provision of Tourism Services, the Agency recommends and offers to the Traveler the insurance consisting of: voluntary health insurance during time and residence abroad, accident insurance and travel sickness, loss and damage insurance of luggage and travel cancellation insurance and insurance to cover travel and return costs to the starting point in the event of an accident and illness. By signing the contract, the Traveler confirms that he has been offered a package of the aforementioned insurance, and has been provided with the information on the content of these insurance and the General Terms and Conditions of the insurance contract.

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