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Thalassotherapia Crikvenica

Special Hospital for Medical Rehabilitation

Thalassotherapia Crikvenica is a specialized hospital for the treatment and rehabilitation of respiratory diseases and rheumatism. The location of the hospital by sea is ideal for thalassotherapy treatment. Specialists in the fields of physical medicine and rehabilitation, pulmonology, internal medicine, otolaryngology, pediatrics, allergology, and baromedicine combine the favorable climate with modern medical methods and equipment in an optimal ratio, which results in excellent results in the treatment of respiratory diseases and rheumatism. Thalassotherapia Crikvenica is a modern medical institution, which combines the principles of this type of treatment with the achievements of modern medicine, and achieves exceptional results in the treatment of children, adults and elderly people.

Physical medicine and physiotherapy in Thalassotherapy Crikvenica are the solutions to the problems of musculoskeletal disorders and diseases, whether they are a result of conditions after surgery, fractures, traumas, sports injuries or are a result of degenerative processes in the joints, muscles and nervous system. The patient is supervised by experienced physicians during the rehabilitation period, while a team of physiotherapists manage the process of physiotherapy and carry out physiotherapy procedures.


Packages at Thalassotherapia Crikvenica

Beach Meditation

Thalassotherapia Crikvenica

Respiratory Rehabilitation Programs



Thalassotherapia Crikvenica

Physical Rehabilitation and "Healthy back" Programs






Patients are accommodated in quality accommodation in an excellent location by the sea.

In the accommodation facilities, people who do not use medical services can stay with patients if they are accompanying them, for the purpose of rest and recreation.


Villa Dalmacija

The villa is situated in the shade of the coastal pines, 20 meters from the pebble beach and 6 km long promenade by the sea and contains modern rooms of standard 3-star quality. The double rooms have a sea view and feature a spacious loggia. Single rooms have park views and do not have a balcony. The villa has an elevator and is connected to the reception, medical rehabilitation center and swimming pool. Pension services are provided at a central restaurant 200 meters away.


Villa Lovorka

The 100-year-old villa, situated in a beautiful location by the sea and the beach, has seven modernly furnished apartments of standard 3-star quality. Villa Lovorka is located right next to the children's respiratory rehabilitation department and central restaurant. The medical rehabilitation center, reception and swimming pool are about 200 meters away. There is no elevator inside the property.


Medical Wellness

Thalassotherapia Crikvenica uses a centuries-old tradition of applying climatotherapy and thalassotherapy, which means the application of physical and chemical natural healing factors inherent to the sea and the coast, such as sea air and seawater. Natural healing factors, such as climate, clean air, seawater, solar radiation and plant cover, protect our health, help prevent, recover and rehabilitate various diseases and improve the quality of life.

Medical thalasso-wellness includes programs aimed at preventing non-communicable diseases and mitigating the consequences of chronic non-communicable diseases. The increasing frequency of chronic non-communicable diseases is influenced by the modern lifestyle, characterized by over-sitting and lack of physical activity, stress, polluted environment, and risky health behaviors.


Swimming pool

The swimming pool within the Thalassotherapia Crikvenica provides excellent conditions for hydrotherapy. Seawater, supplied by modern technology from the crystal clear bay, heated to an ideal temperature of 32 °C, allows you to enjoy the benefits and healing properties of the Adriatic Sea throughout the year. In addition to physical therapy, patients and guests are offered the opportunity to swim freely for recreation. The pool is equipped with standing and sitting underwater massages. The new seawater treatment technology enables continuous filtration and daily partial replenishment with new fresh seawater, with automatic regulation of sea heat as well as regulation of Ph values and chlorine. The dimensions of the pool are 11.40 x 7.40 meters, 0.68 to 1.55 meters deep and are adapted to the patient's therapeutic procedures.

Hydrotherapy - therapeutic exercises in the pool under the professional supervision of physiotherapists are conducted as part of rehabilitation and thalasso-wellness programs.

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